Windermere floods

Writing about Windermere reminds of a less happy visit to the Lakes in November 2009 when extraordinary weather conditions caused the Lake level to rise dramatically and flood the surrounding environment. Badly affected was the Windermere Marina where the road and apartments were underwater.

The Windermere floods November 2009

Extreme rain and flooding devastates the Windermere Marina

Sadly many of the boats on fixed moorings were flooded and eventually sunk since they were unable to rise with the water level. Those moored on the pontoons generally fared better as these were able to rise and avoid the same fate.

It wasnt just the Marina that was affected. A number of homes were also flooded and at Watersedge near Ambleside, the road was closed.

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Secret Windermere

It’s about 15 minutes before sunset and I know that its time to pick up my old rucksack and make my way reluctantly down the path and onwards to home. To leave it any longer would mean that the last part of my day’s walk would be in near dark, probably not that advisable when walking alone and I am still some way from the lights of the small town below. As I get to my feet I take in LakeWndermere for one last time. The last rays of the sun illuminate the lake and its surroundings with a rich golden hue as the red disc starts to disappear behind the distant Lakeland peaks. 

Before I go however a photograph is necessary to capture the moment. I know from my previous visits to this secret location that the light this time of evening flatters the photographer. Even an amateur like myself armed only with elderly compact camera can usually manage to get a half decent shot, such is the natural beauty of the subject.

The result is a picture of Lake Windermere which hopefully captures the serenity of the moment.

windermere just before sunset

Windermere just before sunset

One of the many pleasures of living in Lancashire in the North West of England is the opportunity to visit the Lake District. Dedicated travellers from around the world make great efforts ( and probably at considerable expense) to visit “The Lakes” at least once in their lifetime, so it is a great privilege to be able to make the short drive into the neighbouring county of Cumbria and visit this outstanding area of natural beauty fairly much when the mood takes me.

This particular visit was made in late March when we were blessed with endless days of unseasonably fine weather.


This is the first post of a new blog and it is for all the people who for whatever reason may never be able to visit The Lake District. Perhaps the words and photograph here will allow them to share what was a magical hour as I sat on an outcrop of rock on a warm spring evening and surveyed a world of peace and beauty.

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