Ormskirk Motorfest – an unqualified success

As a youngster I remember a red E type Jaguar with some fondness. It was a coupe and was always parked neatly in the same place, presumably near the owners place of work. In a relatively modest town it stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. I used to gaze through the side window and was awestruck that the speedometer went up to 160 mph. Was this possible I used to think –  that a car could possibly travel at such a speed?

a brace of etype jaguars ormskirk motorfest 2011
E type Jaguars – stiil a beautiful design forty years on

The Jaguar made a lasting impression. Fast forward 12 years and the next car to make a similar impression on me was a 1954 Morris Minor. I had just passed my test and my great-uncle felt that he could no longer drive and wanted me to have his beloved Minor. It was a godsend to my recently widowed mother and myself. It gave us some freedom and was one of those little things in life which helped to handle a bereavement.

morris minor ormskirk motorfest august 2011
Minor only in name the mighty Morris Minor attracts a crowd

The Minor was my pride and joy and I couldn’t have been more pleased if I had owned that red E Type.

So it was with some interest to learn of Ormskirk’s intentions to hold a Motorfest. The show would display cars from just every ear of automotive history. It promised a lot. The only concern was that it was rumoured that a local council were to organise the event – a possible recipe for disaster.Fortunately it transpired that the event was to be run by the Aintree Circuit Club, who it has to be said made an excellent job of the organisation

De Lorean stainless steel car at the ormskirk motorfest
Back to the Future – the De Lorean with some help from the British taxpayer

Cars of every era adorned the streets of Ormskirk with the centre piece of the event being in the town’s Coronation Park. A group of three E Types had a prominent position in the Park near to a Ferrari that was apparently once owned by Rod Stewart. For me it was no contest and the E Types timeless elegance won hands down.

De Soto ormskirk motorfest august 2011
A superb De Soto basks in the sun by the Ormskirk Clocktower

A quick walk across the grass took me over to a couple of Morris Minors. Neither was as old as my original car but they still brought back some wonderful memories. Proud owners were telling stories of renovation and hours of effort. A small crowd gathered to see the little car that brought motoring within the reach of millions of ordinary people.

At the other end of the motoring spectrum an immaculate De Soto reminded us of how different cars had evolved in th USA. Huge and slightly over the top this car could only have been made in America. Whatever happened to the De Soto name?

Ford Model T ormskirk motorfest august 2011
The car that started it all the 1915 Ford Model T

It would be impossible to mention all the cars that took part in the Motorfest. Apparently the exhibitor applications were oversubscribed which perhaps says the most about the success of this event. Certainly it was a revelation to see Ormskirk so busy with a festival such as this.

Perhaps this is the way forward for future events. Let enthusiastic volunteers like the Aintree Circuit Club organise the events with the local Council taking a back seat. We shall see. For further pictures and information – click on the Ormskirk Motorfest website.

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