Red Arrows fly over Southport Pier

For some reason I missed this photo when posting about the recent Southport Air show. It’s a photo that can only have been taken in Southport with the historic pier clearly in view. The Red Arrows look particularly good on this one.

Red Arrows over Southport Pier Southport Air show 2011

Red Arrows fly over the Southport Pier

If the pier looks a little “new” for a Victorian construction it’s because it was almost completely rebuilt about 15 years ago. I can recall the original pier when as a small child we used to go Southport. It was one of the highlights of the day as there was a fish and chip restaurant at the end of pier –  and that meant lunch.

After that it seemed to be going the way of most piers in Britain when it was closed for many years and the threat of demolition was a real possibility. Fortunately common sense prevailed and it was saved.

If you visit Southport its worth a stroll or there is a small railway running along the pier if that’s more your style. The views are excellent on a clear day with Blackpool Tower and the massive Blackpool Pleasure Beach rollercoaster appearing deceptively nearby.

Dont expect to see much water. For the most part the pier stands high and dry in the day due to Southport’s curious tides. This gives the impression that you could actually walk to Blackpool. Not recommended of course.

I have some photos from the end of pier and will post them when I get a moment.

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